2016. Something good? Something bad? A bit of both?

This seems to be an annual thing for me.  Rediscover a seldom used blog.  Make an initial January 1st post to say “Yeah, I’m going to make this a daily thing.  *Runs and yells*”.  A few months roll by and I have a few entries.  Cycle starts again for the next year.  I can remember only one other instance where I had a blog with consistent entries; Project 365.   That was great but most of my entries are lost because of my photos are lost because of my stupidity.  Whoops.

In any case here I am at the start of 2016.  Spent this one with good company and another city.  Chicago is quite the city.  So yeah our AirBnb just so happens to be in….Trump Towers…..say what you want about the man, but I can’t argue this view from the 41st floor.  Is this a taste of things to come (not necessarily this year)?  This seems to happen quite frequently though.  Last time I had this feeling I was working at Valve’s main hq.  Maybe this is a sign……

41st floor view

41st floor view


Dance. And strategic fisticuffs.

Continuing from my last post, this was my first second wedding where the couple was around my age.  Before that previous one, the couple was always way older (granted, I may have been young as well).  It’s kinda like Vegas, feels like a totally different experience once you hit a certain age.  In anycase, the reception was great.  Food was great, dancing was awesome (especially good when you’re dancing with someone else that doesn’t give an eff what moves you’re doing), and just catching up with friends.  Twas great to travel back home and celebrate this occasion.  Also the view over Lake Washington wasn’t bad.  I’ll be back home to settle eventually.  Buuuuttt…..still got stuff to do on this end of the country.

Oh we in there

I am about a week into my new job.  It’s a good taste of what is pretty much office life.  Business casual attire, meetings on meetings on meetings, and lunches with office mates/project peeps.  I’ve never had an office job before so I’m still doing okay with it.  It’s definitely no modern software office type of deal with Nerf wars happening at any moment.  But very much the definition of white collar America.  Do I honestly see myself doing this for the rest of my life?  Most likely no……..the money is great, but I don’t feel compelled to climb the corporate ladder.  Don’t get me wrong though, I won’t stop putting in 100% effort into every day I work.  Even if it’s something that doesn’t strike my fancy, there is something in this experience that will benefit me in the future.

Anywho, I think Driveclub finished up downloading so time for me to race….

There and Back Again

This past weekend I made a trip back home because I had this weird two week period where I’m just waiting for my project to start.  Also I had leftover vouchers to spend from my last trip.  (Woo being hungover worked out!).  I was due to leave Thursday morning, yet my initial flight got cancelled due to an oncoming winter storm which was supposed to bring down 3-6 inches in the morning alone.  So I reschedule and decide to just sleep on it. Morning hits and…..trace amount of snow on the ground.  I most likely would’ve been able to fly out of DCA.  Instead I had to wait till the evening, right after a huge dump-age of snow happened through out the day.  Didn’t help that right as I was leaving the door, there was breaking news out of LaGuardia Airport that a plane almost ran off the runway after landing.  <_<.  Anyways, I get on the plane at about 4:15PM ish EST and took off 45 mins later without a hitch (had to wait for deicing of plane and coat of antifreeze).  I guess I can chalk “take off during snowy conditions” off my list.

Being back home was great, but I still am not used to being home for only a set number of days.  Being a visitor in your home town….huh.  Anywho, the flight back was great.  I actually spent money to upgrade my seat and got seated on the plane first!  Ok ok it was only on Southwest Airlines….but still, riding in the first few rows is still pretty cool (especially for a 4 ish hour flight).  Can’t wait to fly actual first class at some point….

Imminent hot hot heat….

Last year I did what I never thought my sprinter self could do.  I completed a half marathon (on a pretty lackluster training regiment.  Probably explains why I was out of commission for the next 2 months after).  This year I want to 1up it and shoot for a full marathon.  So as of two weeks ago, I loaded up a 6 or so month training regiment .  For someone just getting back into the swing of things, I was keeping up with whatever the training plan threw at me.  At that time I spent time actually looking for a marathon to do in the DC area.  Then it hit me.  Summers are humid as hell up here.  It’s not the dry heat that I’m used to back home.  This is humidity where I may have to shower every time I come airplane-movie-pilot-sweatingfrom the outside.  Yeah I’ll (eventually) get used to it.  But the idea of running a marathon in that type of whether does not sound like fun to me.

Thus I started looking at other potential dates for marathons.  Fall would be the most optimal as the temperatures and humidity should be low enough that it doesn’t feel like I’m running in a sauna.  Also I’ll have more time to create a base so that when I actually do start hitting my running plan again, I’ll might actually train for time rather than finishing.  Yeah I’m kinda competitive like that.  I get a significant ego boost whenever I pass someone in a race.  I just hope I don’t chafe hardcore.  My worst fear when running is having bleeding nipples >_<.

Why tech? No interest in the medical field?

(Written the previous day)
I’ve got a few moments before I board my flight. Actually I’ll probably make a few more revisions of this entry while in flight. Man 10 or so years ago, wifi in the air would’ve been a luxury. But I digress.

In any case, I want to touch on one of the major questions I’ve been asked recently: “Why did you choose Computer Science?”. Well that and “when are you gonna settle down and have a family” question (For the record, not for awhile ~_^). Well, to put it simply…..I didn’t choose it, Computer Science choose me.

Alright seriously, I was actually interested in the medical field for a bit.  More so the fame and fortune that came with it (ie the wrong reasons), but hey I was interested though.  Just the sight of blood and…..well wounds and stuff kinda gross me out.  I’m not a fan of gore.  And heck let’s say I hypothetically made it through med school or something and had to do my first shift in the ER or…something like that.  Yeah, that’s not gonna bode well for anyone.

But with computer science or just technology in general, it’s just always been there via using the desktop, playing video games, seeing my brother use his Nokia, etc.  The curiosity has always been there as well, but there was nothing to “awaken” my curiosity during my elementary, jr high, or high school days.  Really my first dose of anything Computer Science related was my intro programming class.

Ok we got the how we got there, but the why still remains.  I choose this field…..for pretty much the same reasons for when I wanted to get into the medical field.  >_<.  I mean sure it would be cool to make the next best program, but I really want to get rich (or at least financially secure).

Still, I’ll remember where I came from.  If I reach those lofty heights, I’ll bring everyone that helped me get there.

(Side note:  totally writing this in the air now.  Woo technology.)