*sneeze* It must be that season…..

Well I’ve been on the east coast for about 4 months now.  The transition has been…..interesting.  Job wise, it was a roller-coaster ride.  From tackling opportunities when they come about, to feeling extremely lucky to still be in the running when others around me are falling left and right, I really have no idea how I’m coping with all this.  In any case, I’m standing here job in hand.  Yeah I’m making a number of mistakes here and there, but it’s a real crash course on the real world I guess.  The experience I’m getting from just working in an actual structured environment with responsibilities that are pretty high are something I won’t take lightly.  Now is this the job I want to make a career out of?  Yeah…..sorry man.  I really intend to just do this for two years and move on.  I’m not saying it’s a dead end job.  I just don’t feel satisfied at the end of the day.

Ah a reason to talk about golf!  Well let’s put it this way:  even if I shank a shot in golf (or miss a putt), I don’t feel discouraged because I know to the satisfying feeling I get for hitting a dead on shot (or that perfect line on a putt).  It’s like “yeah, struggles worth it yo.” *watches shot fly to the flag*

Like I (somewhat) said before, doing a good job feels a bit…..empty.  When I get off, I’m just relieved to not think about work.  Gah sounds like when I used to work retail.  Heck even though I got paid less and did something super monotonous (woo support) I felt my Valve job was more rewarding.  But this has to be apart of the process I guess?  Get a job that’s meh as a step up to something that’s more rewarding.  I hear that story all the time.  I just gotta keep at it, maybe tackle those side projects a little harder.  Fighting!

Speaking of fighting…..

Spring is kicking my ass.


Sleep is for the weak, but half sleep……

As common knowledge I currently reside on the East Coast.  This makes things really troublesome when I want to game with my friends back home or talk to my girlfriend.  Either I would have to ask them if they wanna game/talk a tad earlier (say 6 ish their time) or I would stay up till late night to get a sess in.  Safe to say my sleep schedule gets demolished on those nights I want to stay up.

Enter Polyphasic Sleep. I’ll leave it to the wiki article to explain it.  There are different methods of doing Polyphasic Sleep.  I am specifically doing Segmented Sleep. With this I sleep my “first phase” of sleep around 8-9 ish for 3.5-4 hours.  Then I wake up around 12:30-1am ish and do whatever.  Around 3:30am I go back to bed to wake up (hopefully) around 7am to get ready for work.  I still need to calibrate my body to fall asleep at an earlier time, but I think this might be my solution to hanging out with people on the West Coast still.  We shall see……in anycase, going to sleep deprive my self temporarily so I can reset my sleep schedule.

Oh we in there

I am about a week into my new job.  It’s a good taste of what is pretty much office life.  Business casual attire, meetings on meetings on meetings, and lunches with office mates/project peeps.  I’ve never had an office job before so I’m still doing okay with it.  It’s definitely no modern software office type of deal with Nerf wars happening at any moment.  But very much the definition of white collar America.  Do I honestly see myself doing this for the rest of my life?  Most likely no……..the money is great, but I don’t feel compelled to climb the corporate ladder.  Don’t get me wrong though, I won’t stop putting in 100% effort into every day I work.  Even if it’s something that doesn’t strike my fancy, there is something in this experience that will benefit me in the future.

Anywho, I think Driveclub finished up downloading so time for me to race….

There and Back Again

This past weekend I made a trip back home because I had this weird two week period where I’m just waiting for my project to start.  Also I had leftover vouchers to spend from my last trip.  (Woo being hungover worked out!).  I was due to leave Thursday morning, yet my initial flight got cancelled due to an oncoming winter storm which was supposed to bring down 3-6 inches in the morning alone.  So I reschedule and decide to just sleep on it. Morning hits and…..trace amount of snow on the ground.  I most likely would’ve been able to fly out of DCA.  Instead I had to wait till the evening, right after a huge dump-age of snow happened through out the day.  Didn’t help that right as I was leaving the door, there was breaking news out of LaGuardia Airport that a plane almost ran off the runway after landing.  <_<.  Anyways, I get on the plane at about 4:15PM ish EST and took off 45 mins later without a hitch (had to wait for deicing of plane and coat of antifreeze).  I guess I can chalk “take off during snowy conditions” off my list.

Being back home was great, but I still am not used to being home for only a set number of days.  Being a visitor in your home town….huh.  Anywho, the flight back was great.  I actually spent money to upgrade my seat and got seated on the plane first!  Ok ok it was only on Southwest Airlines….but still, riding in the first few rows is still pretty cool (especially for a 4 ish hour flight).  Can’t wait to fly actual first class at some point….

Yo-yo status

Herndon, VA.  Atlanta, GA.  McLean, VA.  All three were potential stopping points for my next assignment.  Naturally I ended up with the last option.  Whatever project they have up their sleeve (they meaning my future Project Manager) is going to be a doozy.  Start date officially slated for March 18, 2015.  All I can do now is do even more research with the technologies they are using.  And maybe perhaps fly back home for the weekend.  Mmm….that sounds like a pretty swell idea.

I did tell myself once I bought my Asuka figure at Anime Expo 2014 that I wouldn’t open it until I found a job.  Well I say a confirmed start date is pretty much a good sign.  And hey she has some friends too!  Although I really would’ve liked Sakura instead of Akuma…but I’ll deal with it.

Power overwhelming….

Coming from the state of Washington, naturally I have an affinity for coffee.  I first started as a Starbucks drinker, just grabbing whatever sweet grande sized drink I wanted while I was at the mall (oh my younger days <_<.  Maybe that’s why I’m short.)  But anywho I didn’t really start drinking drip coffee until college.  Yes we did have espresso stands on campus, but I was a cheap arse student and would rather buy good food.  Near finals week I would often increase my intake due to pulling all nighters….or close to all nighters.  Thus enters the jitters.  Once I reach some number cups of coffee, I would reach this state of shakiness.  Sometimes the number of cups would be two ish.  Other times (usually near the end of finals) the jump would pop up to five.  In any case the jitters usually results in the following:

  • shakiness in legs
  • shakiness in hands
  • feeling of shakiness in whole body

Usually at this point I would stop drinking for fear that my heart would actually explode from the amount of caffeine in my body.  <_<.  In any case, I’ve tapered off the coffee.  I still drink a cup in the morning but then just resort to tea in afternoon.  There are the rare times where I do still get jitters after a cup though.  I’d like to think my productivity goes up 10 folds…..

…..but usually doesn’t end up that way >_<

…and stress levels back to normal. Kind of. Sorta.

I was catching up with my friend @DatMan206, talking about my travels here, slightly talking about his travels around the South East Asia region (i think it was?  well….he basically backpacked for three months.  That’s the dream yo), and about past jobs as well.  During the whole convo I had a thought of “Hey….this actually would make a great blog post.  Kinda.  I think?”.  Of course I asked him if I based our convo on it so yes, we’re all good on that.

  • Steam: Oh man.  That was the dream.  Although I worked there for a short time, it is by far the best job I’ve had.  Office life has everything to do with happy workers.  Screw being professional and all that stuff.  You know what your supposed to do at work.  And if you get fired for doing suboptimal work, that’s on you.  So why not have a laid back office life?  Even though the stuff I did was very monotonous (like almost to the point of “stab me in the eye), I didn’t mind doing it.  It probably helped that I love playing video games as well. Which sadly, I don’t have that much time to spare.  Man.  But I digress.  10/10 would work for them again.  (Ie the dream).  Oh also we had a mutual friend get hired by them full time.  I told him there’s a very good chance he’d get picked up for some kind of localization or translation kind of gig.  I also warned him they hire the best of the best so don’t get the notion it’s going to be easy as pie.
  • Travel:  Yeah hearing @DatMan206’s travels was great.  Although we didn’t go into the detail of it, according to him: “I want everyone to travel like that”.  Well I’ll take your word on it sir.  Backpacking does sound like something I’d like to do…….
  • Amazon:  He also told me about his stint at that company.  He sounded like he didn’t really enjoy all that much.  Something along the lines of “when you get on board and sit down at your desk… ‘wtf am I doing’. ” I suppose I’ll have to actually work there to give a more accurate view.  On the flip side, my….nephew(? we have this really weird situation on my dad side where I’m his uncle, and his parents are my cousins.  It’s….really really weird) really likes working with Amazon Web Services.  Well hey good on you maybe they are two different beasts.
  • Ivy league grads vs us:  Yeah yeah those colleges are top notch and all.  We (meaning WWU grads I guess) have this Doug Baldwin esque view of the world.  Or maybe it’s just me.  Anywho I get that extra motivation to kill an interview when I know I’m going up against someone from those universities.  Heck I even beat someone that went to Notre Dame (Sorry if you read this!  >_<) for the testing job I just got.
  • My position now compared to where I thought I was going to end up 6 months ago:  DRASTICALLY DIFFERENT.  6 months ago I thought I was going to be some kind of software developer at some company in the Seattle area.  Starting in two weeks I’m going to be a Software Tester with Freddie Mac in either the DC area or Atlanta.  I wouldn’t have any given a second thought about being a software tester.  I wanted to write my own code dammit.  Testers can deal with that.  Welp…..that’s not how it works 6 months ago me.  I suppose unit testing is pretty integral for every software developer too (Ha take that 6 months ago me).  In addition, opportunities just come out of no where.  Both my friend and I were on the same page on this.  Grab that damn opportunity and see where it leads (at least while you’re young.  Or something)
  • oh my girl drummers:  Okay we didn’t talk about this but it came on while we were talking.  Rock the eff out yo.

Well I don’t think I came even close to what we were talking about, but I gave it the ole college try.  I’m a Software Developer Tester damn it not a writer.

Gah I just had the thought of the number of side projects I want to do…..don’t mind me if I become socially inept >_<.  In addition not really looking forward to driving in DC traffic.  -_-