He’s Going the Distance…..

So a while back while I was going through my “social” gmail account (The account which I don’t put on my business card *snaps fingers and points), I was doing my usual junk mail clean out.  The following read on the next e-mail:

“TCS New York City Marath.”

Junk.  But before I went on to the next e-mail, I slowly scanned over to the subject line…

“The 2016 TCS New York City Marathon: You’re In!”

First feeling:


Second Feeling:  Uh, I barely ran 13.1.  How am I going survive 26.2?  For a good week I was actually a bit down.  No joke.  Even during my last half, I didn’t actually train.  And boy was that 2 months after terrible.  I was pretty much sidelined due to developing plantar fasciitis.  So I suppose I need to change it up this time.

Step 1)  Run base miles.
The thing that is really freaking me out is getting injured during training.  I feel raising my mileage before the actual training would be beneficial.  The only thing I need to do is not push the pace, which is pretty hard for me as a former sprinter.

Step 2)
Try to set up something to be accountable!
I suppose this is where this blog comes back into play.  In future posts (yes, there will be more posts!), I’ll throw in what I actually ran, and what my game plan is more the week.  I was thinking of just posting a weekly round up but, hey I think this will force me into some kind of routine.

November 6 is still a bit of a ways out there.  Yet, I have a feeling it’s just going to sneak up on me.  Guess I better just lace up and hit the road.


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