2016. Something good? Something bad? A bit of both?

This seems to be an annual thing for me.  Rediscover a seldom used blog.  Make an initial January 1st post to say “Yeah, I’m going to make this a daily thing.  *Runs and yells*”.  A few months roll by and I have a few entries.  Cycle starts again for the next year.  I can remember only one other instance where I had a blog with consistent entries; Project 365.   That was great but most of my entries are lost because of my photos are lost because of my stupidity.  Whoops.

In any case here I am at the start of 2016.  Spent this one with good company and another city.  Chicago is quite the city.  So yeah our AirBnb just so happens to be in….Trump Towers…..say what you want about the man, but I can’t argue this view from the 41st floor.  Is this a taste of things to come (not necessarily this year)?  This seems to happen quite frequently though.  Last time I had this feeling I was working at Valve’s main hq.  Maybe this is a sign……

41st floor view

41st floor view


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