I might as well make this in-flight WiFi worth it

*Dusts off wordpress account*.

So August was that last time I’ve been in here huh?  Not to say that my life has been stale and mundane…..but I guess I’ve been actively ignoring this.  Ha yeah I might as well go out and say it.  I haven’t really had a push to update this.  There are times where I’d rather game, stay on my running regimen, sleep, cooking….I guess anything but update this.


Just kidding.  I’m in the middle of a flight back to Atlanta after Thanksgiving weekend.  I paid 20 ish bucks for inflight WiFi and the person sitting next to me is knocked the fuck out after a glass of wine.  Sucks for his boyfriend since he looks a tad scrawny and is struggling to keep his girl upright.  Not to mention that she’s been invading my personal bubble with either her elbows or legs.  Yo ain’t trying to have that miss.

In any case, I think in the following year I’ll try to be a little more consistent in writing in this.  Perhaps once a week?  I think that seems fair.  In addition on just typing out whatever is on the top of my mind which may or may not just be about video games, food, or rants.  Ok rants I’ll try to keep to a minimum.  But if it’s about such subjects as the person next to me on this flight…..I’m sorry but I gotta publish it.


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