Getting old, but not growing up.

In my childhood, I never had that real American experience of heading to Disneyland with the family that I always saw in the media.  I would live vicariously through other people’s accounts while waiting for the “surprise” gift my parents would potentially give (it never came).  Pouty news aside I was went on with life.  Discovered anime, video games, and the conventions related to them.  Summer of 2009 happened and thus my first experiences came: Anime Expo and Disneyland/California Adventure.  One of the best summers to date (which does include “Epic Summer” moments as dubbed by my college friends).  At that point I thought that this would be the pinnacle of life.


Fast forward to now.  With the end of this most recent con-season I manage to go to Anime Expo, Otakon, and D23 (disney convention).  Living out my childhood dreams of traveling and just taking in the cultures I love is pretty great.  Sure I would be even more comfortable financial wise if I didn’t go (cross country flight are not cheap as is general con expenses), but to say that this is the happiest I’ve been in my life is an understatement.  Work may not be my taste (for the time being), but having rewards like these are great and make it all worthwhile.  Perhaps maybe for my next portion of my career will combine anime/video games and conventions?  Oh boy……..


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