Jet Set Radio…..without the set…and radio…

I’m at that age where instead of seeing red solo cups in photos I see white dresses and flowers.  Weddings are norm now, and this past weekend was no exception.  My 24 hours ish stay in the state of Washington to attend one of my best friend’s wedding started with catching 6am flight out of Reagon National.  At the time, my cousin whom I am staying at while working in Virginia had no idea I had plans for the weekend (even though I mentioned it heavily for the past 2 weeks).  But I digress.  My travels were as of the following: DCA->DTW (Detroit) -> SEA.  For the 1 hour ish flight to DTW, I basically slept through takeoff and landing.  Maybe it was because I played Ultra Street Fighter IV till 4am or maybe it was because I had the whole row to myself.  In any case, I wish I slept through the next flight of DTW -> SEA.  Landed in SEA after a 3 ish hour flight, got picked up by my girlfriend and came home to some tocino cooked by my mom and a cat that is growing at a ridiculous pace.  Katsu still jumps onto my shoulder, but I don’t think he knows how big he is now. <_<;;.  Nor does he care that his class put holes in my undershirt.  After all that I had about 2 hours to get ready.  An hour ish later I still wasn’t ready because I was playing with Katsu.  Priorities are overrated.

Eventually my girlfriend and I made it to the the wedding.  Daniel, Rom (my other two best friends), and myself still act like high school freshmen when were together, so this was no different.  Cracking jokes and then trying not to laugh to loud in the church.  Even got to the point where we were deciding which hymns were the hypest.  Clearly I’m super young at heart <_< (and probably in need of some reconciliation).

Once the music kicked in and my best friend walked out with her dad and the groom’s mom (I think?  Now I’m started to question myself) down the aisle, serious mode was activated and time pretty much stopped.  She looked so beautiful, and trying to describe that would require me to write this entry till who knows when.  In a time where everything is documented and posted on social media, I just stood there in awe.  Issues from the work week, figuring out vacation dates, managing my budget, looking for a used car, catching a 4am cab to Reagon National, nothing mattered.  The moment was all hers and hers alone.  It may have been daytime but you might have as well shined a spotlight on her.  A person I’ve known since the 2nd grade, where at one time or another I was complete asshole to but at some point in our lives became really good friends, was walking down the aisle in her white dress….it was the best photo I’ve never taken.

Somewhat a good representation…But she didn’t marry an asshole

To my friends who are about to do the same in the near future…and this is mainly directed to the brides to be…your weddings will be perfect.  Yes the stress will rise up from the amount of unforeseen circumstances, but that moment of walking down the aisle with the world’s attention beaming on you…I can only imagine what emotions you’ll feel.

I’ve got to split this post up, my allergies are acting up again.


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