*sneeze* It must be that season…..

Well I’ve been on the east coast for about 4 months now.  The transition has been…..interesting.  Job wise, it was a roller-coaster ride.  From tackling opportunities when they come about, to feeling extremely lucky to still be in the running when others around me are falling left and right, I really have no idea how I’m coping with all this.  In any case, I’m standing here job in hand.  Yeah I’m making a number of mistakes here and there, but it’s a real crash course on the real world I guess.  The experience I’m getting from just working in an actual structured environment with responsibilities that are pretty high are something I won’t take lightly.  Now is this the job I want to make a career out of?  Yeah…..sorry man.  I really intend to just do this for two years and move on.  I’m not saying it’s a dead end job.  I just don’t feel satisfied at the end of the day.

Ah a reason to talk about golf!  Well let’s put it this way:  even if I shank a shot in golf (or miss a putt), I don’t feel discouraged because I know to the satisfying feeling I get for hitting a dead on shot (or that perfect line on a putt).  It’s like “yeah, struggles worth it yo.” *watches shot fly to the flag*

Like I (somewhat) said before, doing a good job feels a bit…..empty.  When I get off, I’m just relieved to not think about work.  Gah sounds like when I used to work retail.  Heck even though I got paid less and did something super monotonous (woo support) I felt my Valve job was more rewarding.  But this has to be apart of the process I guess?  Get a job that’s meh as a step up to something that’s more rewarding.  I hear that story all the time.  I just gotta keep at it, maybe tackle those side projects a little harder.  Fighting!

Speaking of fighting…..

Spring is kicking my ass.


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