Oh we in there

I am about a week into my new job.  It’s a good taste of what is pretty much office life.  Business casual attire, meetings on meetings on meetings, and lunches with office mates/project peeps.  I’ve never had an office job before so I’m still doing okay with it.  It’s definitely no modern software office type of deal with Nerf wars happening at any moment.  But very much the definition of white collar America.  Do I honestly see myself doing this for the rest of my life?  Most likely no……..the money is great, but I don’t feel compelled to climb the corporate ladder.  Don’t get me wrong though, I won’t stop putting in 100% effort into every day I work.  Even if it’s something that doesn’t strike my fancy, there is something in this experience that will benefit me in the future.

Anywho, I think Driveclub finished up downloading so time for me to race….


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