Yo-yo status

Herndon, VA.  Atlanta, GA.  McLean, VA.  All three were potential stopping points for my next assignment.  Naturally I ended up with the last option.  Whatever project they have up their sleeve (they meaning my future Project Manager) is going to be a doozy.  Start date officially slated for March 18, 2015.  All I can do now is do even more research with the technologies they are using.  And maybe perhaps fly back home for the weekend.  Mmm….that sounds like a pretty swell idea.

I did tell myself once I bought my Asuka figure at Anime Expo 2014 that I wouldn’t open it until I found a job.  Well I say a confirmed start date is pretty much a good sign.  And hey she has some friends too!  Although I really would’ve liked Sakura instead of Akuma…but I’ll deal with it.


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