Oh we in there

I am about a week into my new job.  It’s a good taste of what is pretty much office life.  Business casual attire, meetings on meetings on meetings, and lunches with office mates/project peeps.  I’ve never had an office job before so I’m still doing okay with it.  It’s definitely no modern software office type of deal with Nerf wars happening at any moment.  But very much the definition of white collar America.  Do I honestly see myself doing this for the rest of my life?  Most likely no……..the money is great, but I don’t feel compelled to climb the corporate ladder.  Don’t get me wrong though, I won’t stop putting in 100% effort into every day I work.  Even if it’s something that doesn’t strike my fancy, there is something in this experience that will benefit me in the future.

Anywho, I think Driveclub finished up downloading so time for me to race….


There and Back Again

This past weekend I made a trip back home because I had this weird two week period where I’m just waiting for my project to start.  Also I had leftover vouchers to spend from my last trip.  (Woo being hungover worked out!).  I was due to leave Thursday morning, yet my initial flight got cancelled due to an oncoming winter storm which was supposed to bring down 3-6 inches in the morning alone.  So I reschedule and decide to just sleep on it. Morning hits and…..trace amount of snow on the ground.  I most likely would’ve been able to fly out of DCA.  Instead I had to wait till the evening, right after a huge dump-age of snow happened through out the day.  Didn’t help that right as I was leaving the door, there was breaking news out of LaGuardia Airport that a plane almost ran off the runway after landing.  <_<.  Anyways, I get on the plane at about 4:15PM ish EST and took off 45 mins later without a hitch (had to wait for deicing of plane and coat of antifreeze).  I guess I can chalk “take off during snowy conditions” off my list.

Being back home was great, but I still am not used to being home for only a set number of days.  Being a visitor in your home town….huh.  Anywho, the flight back was great.  I actually spent money to upgrade my seat and got seated on the plane first!  Ok ok it was only on Southwest Airlines….but still, riding in the first few rows is still pretty cool (especially for a 4 ish hour flight).  Can’t wait to fly actual first class at some point….

Yo-yo status

Herndon, VA.  Atlanta, GA.  McLean, VA.  All three were potential stopping points for my next assignment.  Naturally I ended up with the last option.  Whatever project they have up their sleeve (they meaning my future Project Manager) is going to be a doozy.  Start date officially slated for March 18, 2015.  All I can do now is do even more research with the technologies they are using.  And maybe perhaps fly back home for the weekend.  Mmm….that sounds like a pretty swell idea.

I did tell myself once I bought my Asuka figure at Anime Expo 2014 that I wouldn’t open it until I found a job.  Well I say a confirmed start date is pretty much a good sign.  And hey she has some friends too!  Although I really would’ve liked Sakura instead of Akuma…but I’ll deal with it.