Power overwhelming….

Coming from the state of Washington, naturally I have an affinity for coffee.  I first started as a Starbucks drinker, just grabbing whatever sweet grande sized drink I wanted while I was at the mall (oh my younger days <_<.  Maybe that’s why I’m short.)  But anywho I didn’t really start drinking drip coffee until college.  Yes we did have espresso stands on campus, but I was a cheap arse student and would rather buy good food.  Near finals week I would often increase my intake due to pulling all nighters….or close to all nighters.  Thus enters the jitters.  Once I reach some number cups of coffee, I would reach this state of shakiness.  Sometimes the number of cups would be two ish.  Other times (usually near the end of finals) the jump would pop up to five.  In any case the jitters usually results in the following:

  • shakiness in legs
  • shakiness in hands
  • feeling of shakiness in whole body

Usually at this point I would stop drinking for fear that my heart would actually explode from the amount of caffeine in my body.  <_<.  In any case, I’ve tapered off the coffee.  I still drink a cup in the morning but then just resort to tea in afternoon.  There are the rare times where I do still get jitters after a cup though.  I’d like to think my productivity goes up 10 folds…..

…..but usually doesn’t end up that way >_<


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