Power overwhelming….

Coming from the state of Washington, naturally I have an affinity for coffee.  I first started as a Starbucks drinker, just grabbing whatever sweet grande sized drink I wanted while I was at the mall (oh my younger days <_<.  Maybe that’s why I’m short.)  But anywho I didn’t really start drinking drip coffee until college.  Yes we did have espresso stands on campus, but I was a cheap arse student and would rather buy good food.  Near finals week I would often increase my intake due to pulling all nighters….or close to all nighters.  Thus enters the jitters.  Once I reach some number cups of coffee, I would reach this state of shakiness.  Sometimes the number of cups would be two ish.  Other times (usually near the end of finals) the jump would pop up to five.  In any case the jitters usually results in the following:

  • shakiness in legs
  • shakiness in hands
  • feeling of shakiness in whole body

Usually at this point I would stop drinking for fear that my heart would actually explode from the amount of caffeine in my body.  <_<.  In any case, I’ve tapered off the coffee.  I still drink a cup in the morning but then just resort to tea in afternoon.  There are the rare times where I do still get jitters after a cup though.  I’d like to think my productivity goes up 10 folds…..

…..but usually doesn’t end up that way >_<


…and stress levels back to normal. Kind of. Sorta.

I was catching up with my friend @DatMan206, talking about my travels here, slightly talking about his travels around the South East Asia region (i think it was?  well….he basically backpacked for three months.  That’s the dream yo), and about past jobs as well.  During the whole convo I had a thought of “Hey….this actually would make a great blog post.  Kinda.  I think?”.  Of course I asked him if I based our convo on it so yes, we’re all good on that.

  • Steam: Oh man.  That was the dream.  Although I worked there for a short time, it is by far the best job I’ve had.  Office life has everything to do with happy workers.  Screw being professional and all that stuff.  You know what your supposed to do at work.  And if you get fired for doing suboptimal work, that’s on you.  So why not have a laid back office life?  Even though the stuff I did was very monotonous (like almost to the point of “stab me in the eye), I didn’t mind doing it.  It probably helped that I love playing video games as well. Which sadly, I don’t have that much time to spare.  Man.  But I digress.  10/10 would work for them again.  (Ie the dream).  Oh also we had a mutual friend get hired by them full time.  I told him there’s a very good chance he’d get picked up for some kind of localization or translation kind of gig.  I also warned him they hire the best of the best so don’t get the notion it’s going to be easy as pie.
  • Travel:  Yeah hearing @DatMan206’s travels was great.  Although we didn’t go into the detail of it, according to him: “I want everyone to travel like that”.  Well I’ll take your word on it sir.  Backpacking does sound like something I’d like to do…….
  • Amazon:  He also told me about his stint at that company.  He sounded like he didn’t really enjoy all that much.  Something along the lines of “when you get on board and sit down at your desk… ‘wtf am I doing’. ” I suppose I’ll have to actually work there to give a more accurate view.  On the flip side, my….nephew(? we have this really weird situation on my dad side where I’m his uncle, and his parents are my cousins.  It’s….really really weird) really likes working with Amazon Web Services.  Well hey good on you maybe they are two different beasts.
  • Ivy league grads vs us:  Yeah yeah those colleges are top notch and all.  We (meaning WWU grads I guess) have this Doug Baldwin esque view of the world.  Or maybe it’s just me.  Anywho I get that extra motivation to kill an interview when I know I’m going up against someone from those universities.  Heck I even beat someone that went to Notre Dame (Sorry if you read this!  >_<) for the testing job I just got.
  • My position now compared to where I thought I was going to end up 6 months ago:  DRASTICALLY DIFFERENT.  6 months ago I thought I was going to be some kind of software developer at some company in the Seattle area.  Starting in two weeks I’m going to be a Software Tester with Freddie Mac in either the DC area or Atlanta.  I wouldn’t have any given a second thought about being a software tester.  I wanted to write my own code dammit.  Testers can deal with that.  Welp…..that’s not how it works 6 months ago me.  I suppose unit testing is pretty integral for every software developer too (Ha take that 6 months ago me).  In addition, opportunities just come out of no where.  Both my friend and I were on the same page on this.  Grab that damn opportunity and see where it leads (at least while you’re young.  Or something)
  • oh my girl drummers:  Okay we didn’t talk about this but it came on while we were talking.  Rock the eff out yo.

Well I don’t think I came even close to what we were talking about, but I gave it the ole college try.  I’m a Software Developer Tester damn it not a writer.

Gah I just had the thought of the number of side projects I want to do…..don’t mind me if I become socially inept >_<.  In addition not really looking forward to driving in DC traffic.  -_-

Stress level rising…and release?

Welp….that whole testing gig I was studying up for….I went in for the interview yesterday.  I felt pretty confident about the whole ordeal.  There were two questions on the written portion which were somewhat difficult but at least I got through it.  Most of the other people in my group struggled with the UNIX portion.  I have my education to thank for that one.  Oh boy did that save me.

In a nutshell I made it with four other people.  Ex-freaking-hale.  I wanted to celebrate but there were three other people that didn’t make it in the same room.  Welp…..


Lets gooooo.  The thing I’m waiting on now is if I stay in DC or head to Atlanta.  Wait what?

And just like that…..nothing…

Nope, not talking about the Super Bowl loss by the Seahawks.  That pales in comparison.  No today, we lost somebody too young .  Monty Oum was leagues ahead of his time.  Before the popularity of YouTube, the ways to launch your status from peer peon to superstar was a crapshoot.  Actually I take that back.  Oum could’ve shown his works via YouTube, but the limitations by the platform back then wouldn’t have brought out true creative art that was Haloid and Dead Fantasy due to the amount of compression that would’ve had to be done on his videos.

This was epic.  I first saw this through gametrailers.com.  It may looks a bit dated, but the fight choreo is out of this world.  This was what propelled him to being hired by Rooster Teeth and make the series “RWBY”.  Meeting him face to face at Anime Expo 2009 was surprise and a rush of awesomeness.  Honestly I just wanted to buy prints cause I loved the series.  The guy selling it then asked “Do you want it signed by the creator?”  Me half confused could just let out a “whaa?”  He then says “He sitting right here” and points to the side.  Holy crap…..So Monty goes on to sign it then actually starts talking about why his signature is the way it is.  I really thought it was weird at the time but still for him to give an explanation to a no one like me was…for lack of a better term…awesome.  The only part of the convo I remember is him saying “The squiggly lines near the top of the capitol O signify birds flying towards the sunset”.

Hope you’re flying high with the angels man.  You will be missed.

EDIT:  From Rooster Teeth

“As for honoring Monty, we will do that in our own way. In lieu of flowers or gifts, we ask that you simply do something creative. Use your imagination to make the world a better place in any way that you can. If you know Monty like we do, then you know he would certainly be doing that if he were able to.”

Indeed I shall