Oh yeah is that a word.  Usually taking somewhat the same meaning as the acronym Random Number Generator, with a more “revered” take on it.  Players usually “pray to RNGeezus” before partaking in a a roll for loot.  Sometimes it pays off.  Most times it just ends in disappointment.  Well, if we were talking about loot in this case, I may have just ended up grabbing a rare.  As you know I’m currently on the east coast right now (VA specifically) doing contract work for a company as a software developer.  About two days ago, the head guy of our company comes into our work area and announces to our group that a pretty big time investment company is ready to offer a one year contract.  The good thing is we individually don’t have to interview for the contract.  Instead we have to essentially cram software testing methodologies and SQL knowledge in a span of two week since the starting date is March 2.

At first I was a bit hesitant because I’m not really a big fan of testing.  Running automated scripts and such isn’t my take on a good time.  I’d much rather work some creativity and write my own code.  You know, normal software dev stuff.  But then my boss offered this point.  Not only are we running the scripts, we actually have to write said scripts as well as right C# programs to test out the programs we’re assigned to.  Essentially they are going to pay me to break peoples programs.  That sounds quite fun.  I’d say it’s my equivalent to imploding buildings.  Although I may not be writing my own code, I’ll be seeing other peoples’ coding habits.  I can take inspiration from those that look truly elegant and mock those that I know are gonna look amateurish.  I’m not saying I write the best code, but I know good code when I see it.  One other thing I was worried about was that I might be stuck as a Software Tester/QA person for the rest of my life.  That was also easily struck down as both my boss and another future trainer person both successfully made the switch from Software Tester to QA without a hitch.  They just advised to keep coding on the side to keep in practice.  That’s a good thing since I basically have side projects up the ying-yang.  I’m hoping my weekends will be more open than they are now.  And a huge plus for all of this is that since I don’t have to go through the typical interview process, my time that I would’ve spent prepping (which I believe was to be an additional month) is pretty much out the window.  Having a job in March instead of the middle of April is a pretty big deal (especially since I have weddings to travel to.  Flying coast to coast isn’t cheap -_-).

It’s not really where I thought my career trajectory would be going, but I feel I should be always rolling need until I get my gear level up.  Man life is pretty much an RPG.  Jesus take the wheel….or dice….or something….

Well I had a pretty low heart rating anyways…..


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