Imminent hot hot heat….

Last year I did what I never thought my sprinter self could do.  I completed a half marathon (on a pretty lackluster training regiment.  Probably explains why I was out of commission for the next 2 months after).  This year I want to 1up it and shoot for a full marathon.  So as of two weeks ago, I loaded up a 6 or so month training regiment .  For someone just getting back into the swing of things, I was keeping up with whatever the training plan threw at me.  At that time I spent time actually looking for a marathon to do in the DC area.  Then it hit me.  Summers are humid as hell up here.  It’s not the dry heat that I’m used to back home.  This is humidity where I may have to shower every time I come airplane-movie-pilot-sweatingfrom the outside.  Yeah I’ll (eventually) get used to it.  But the idea of running a marathon in that type of whether does not sound like fun to me.

Thus I started looking at other potential dates for marathons.  Fall would be the most optimal as the temperatures and humidity should be low enough that it doesn’t feel like I’m running in a sauna.  Also I’ll have more time to create a base so that when I actually do start hitting my running plan again, I’ll might actually train for time rather than finishing.  Yeah I’m kinda competitive like that.  I get a significant ego boost whenever I pass someone in a race.  I just hope I don’t chafe hardcore.  My worst fear when running is having bleeding nipples >_<.


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