Why tech? No interest in the medical field?

(Written the previous day)
I’ve got a few moments before I board my flight. Actually I’ll probably make a few more revisions of this entry while in flight. Man 10 or so years ago, wifi in the air would’ve been a luxury. But I digress.

In any case, I want to touch on one of the major questions I’ve been asked recently: “Why did you choose Computer Science?”. Well that and “when are you gonna settle down and have a family” question (For the record, not for awhile ~_^). Well, to put it simply…..I didn’t choose it, Computer Science choose me.

Alright seriously, I was actually interested in the medical field for a bit.  More so the fame and fortune that came with it (ie the wrong reasons), but hey I was interested though.  Just the sight of blood and…..well wounds and stuff kinda gross me out.  I’m not a fan of gore.  And heck let’s say I hypothetically made it through med school or something and had to do my first shift in the ER or…something like that.  Yeah, that’s not gonna bode well for anyone.

But with computer science or just technology in general, it’s just always been there via using the desktop, playing video games, seeing my brother use his Nokia, etc.  The curiosity has always been there as well, but there was nothing to “awaken” my curiosity during my elementary, jr high, or high school days.  Really my first dose of anything Computer Science related was my intro programming class.

Ok we got the how we got there, but the why still remains.  I choose this field…..for pretty much the same reasons for when I wanted to get into the medical field.  >_<.  I mean sure it would be cool to make the next best program, but I really want to get rich (or at least financially secure).

Still, I’ll remember where I came from.  If I reach those lofty heights, I’ll bring everyone that helped me get there.

(Side note:  totally writing this in the air now.  Woo technology.)


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