And here we go….

New Year.  New Adventures.  New Blog!  Shifting platforms from blogspot to wordpress.  It’s been about a year since I last did something bloggy-esque.  Okay on second thought it’s been 6 months.  In any case this is the perfect time to start this up again.  I most likely won’t be doing a “blog post a day” kind of deal like last time (although that was pretty fun).

For those who don’t know, I have accepted a job offer from a Virginia company.  Around a week from now, I’ll be moving to Fairfax, VA to start a 2 month training with the company.  After which, I’ll be offered different contract projects ranging from as short as 6 months to perhaps 2 years as a C# software developer.

It’s safe to say that I’m:

  1. Super excited to travel.
  2. Super nervous.

Living in the same state for all my life is great don’t get me wrong.  Honestly I would’ve been fine staying in state and working for one of the many tech giants in the area.  I could’ve gotten my travel fix via PTO.  But I just have to know what it’s like outside of this state.  Most likely I’ll come to a conclusion along the lines of “Yeah, Washington is a pretty damn good state to live in.”  I just have to experience it first hand.

Having lived here all my life, I’m having college freshman year jitters all over again in regard to the move.  Washington will (barring I don’t accept a contract back in the greater Seattle area) be in my rear view mirror.  Most likely I won’t return to this state for two or so years.  Yes, I’ll still visit for the occasional wedding, holidays, conventions, etc.  But for the most part I’ll be calling another state home for a while.  I guess this didn’t hit me till I booked a one way ticket for the first time.  *sigh*

So I guess this blog is a way for me to cope with my soon to come home-sickness.  At some point it’ll hit pretty hard.  Hopefully I won’t spill my guts in a post.  Okay, promise incoming:  I won’t post any super dramatic ish.  Wasn’t really a fan of doing sub-tweets (sorta), so I’ll attempt to keep this……..I don’t know….non dramatic blah?  Anywho, cheers to a new year!  I’ll end this post with a pic of my cat Katsu ^_^


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