Oh yeah is that a word.  Usually taking somewhat the same meaning as the acronym Random Number Generator, with a more “revered” take on it.  Players usually “pray to RNGeezus” before partaking in a a roll for loot.  Sometimes it pays off.  Most times it just ends in disappointment.  Well, if we were talking about loot in this case, I may have just ended up grabbing a rare.  As you know I’m currently on the east coast right now (VA specifically) doing contract work for a company as a software developer.  About two days ago, the head guy of our company comes into our work area and announces to our group that a pretty big time investment company is ready to offer a one year contract.  The good thing is we individually don’t have to interview for the contract.  Instead we have to essentially cram software testing methodologies and SQL knowledge in a span of two week since the starting date is March 2.

At first I was a bit hesitant because I’m not really a big fan of testing.  Running automated scripts and such isn’t my take on a good time.  I’d much rather work some creativity and write my own code.  You know, normal software dev stuff.  But then my boss offered this point.  Not only are we running the scripts, we actually have to write said scripts as well as right C# programs to test out the programs we’re assigned to.  Essentially they are going to pay me to break peoples programs.  That sounds quite fun.  I’d say it’s my equivalent to imploding buildings.  Although I may not be writing my own code, I’ll be seeing other peoples’ coding habits.  I can take inspiration from those that look truly elegant and mock those that I know are gonna look amateurish.  I’m not saying I write the best code, but I know good code when I see it.  One other thing I was worried about was that I might be stuck as a Software Tester/QA person for the rest of my life.  That was also easily struck down as both my boss and another future trainer person both successfully made the switch from Software Tester to QA without a hitch.  They just advised to keep coding on the side to keep in practice.  That’s a good thing since I basically have side projects up the ying-yang.  I’m hoping my weekends will be more open than they are now.  And a huge plus for all of this is that since I don’t have to go through the typical interview process, my time that I would’ve spent prepping (which I believe was to be an additional month) is pretty much out the window.  Having a job in March instead of the middle of April is a pretty big deal (especially since I have weddings to travel to.  Flying coast to coast isn’t cheap -_-).

It’s not really where I thought my career trajectory would be going, but I feel I should be always rolling need until I get my gear level up.  Man life is pretty much an RPG.  Jesus take the wheel….or dice….or something….

Well I had a pretty low heart rating anyways…..


Imminent hot hot heat….

Last year I did what I never thought my sprinter self could do.  I completed a half marathon (on a pretty lackluster training regiment.  Probably explains why I was out of commission for the next 2 months after).  This year I want to 1up it and shoot for a full marathon.  So as of two weeks ago, I loaded up a 6 or so month training regiment .  For someone just getting back into the swing of things, I was keeping up with whatever the training plan threw at me.  At that time I spent time actually looking for a marathon to do in the DC area.  Then it hit me.  Summers are humid as hell up here.  It’s not the dry heat that I’m used to back home.  This is humidity where I may have to shower every time I come airplane-movie-pilot-sweatingfrom the outside.  Yeah I’ll (eventually) get used to it.  But the idea of running a marathon in that type of whether does not sound like fun to me.

Thus I started looking at other potential dates for marathons.  Fall would be the most optimal as the temperatures and humidity should be low enough that it doesn’t feel like I’m running in a sauna.  Also I’ll have more time to create a base so that when I actually do start hitting my running plan again, I’ll might actually train for time rather than finishing.  Yeah I’m kinda competitive like that.  I get a significant ego boost whenever I pass someone in a race.  I just hope I don’t chafe hardcore.  My worst fear when running is having bleeding nipples >_<.

Week 1 in the books!

Well week 1 (and change) of being out of the state of Washington has been completed.  Here’s what I’ve picked up (not literally) while being here:

  • There are highways everywhere
  • Traffic sucks
  • The HOV lanes have sections where they are barred off from the rest of traffic, thus achieving (hopefully) a speed of 65 MPH
  • The Slug Line
  • They close schools for a light dusting of snow….
  • ….and they keep schools open for 3 or so inches of snow.
  • The number 2 High School in the nation is around here (and it’s a STEM school!  Wooooo)
  • Family still reigns supreme

Other than that, feels like home!


Loopy loops

With any trip, people keep mementos.  Some collect postcards, others shot glasses, and even starbucks tumblers.  I wanted to do something along those lines as well.  I was starting to consolidate all my luggage since one of my packages came in via USPS.  At that point I started taking off the luggage tags attached by the check-in staff at Sea-Tac.

Loops.  I mean they’re already loops.  I may just make a chain of all the luggage tags I get every time I fly somewhere.  At this end of all this it might not be very much.  But it seemed like a nifty idea at the time.  I’ll just run with it and see where it goes.  I’ll stop collecting the tags once I’ve that certain phase of my life.  But for now hey, why not.

Why tech? No interest in the medical field?

(Written the previous day)
I’ve got a few moments before I board my flight. Actually I’ll probably make a few more revisions of this entry while in flight. Man 10 or so years ago, wifi in the air would’ve been a luxury. But I digress.

In any case, I want to touch on one of the major questions I’ve been asked recently: “Why did you choose Computer Science?”. Well that and “when are you gonna settle down and have a family” question (For the record, not for awhile ~_^). Well, to put it simply…..I didn’t choose it, Computer Science choose me.

Alright seriously, I was actually interested in the medical field for a bit.  More so the fame and fortune that came with it (ie the wrong reasons), but hey I was interested though.  Just the sight of blood and…..well wounds and stuff kinda gross me out.  I’m not a fan of gore.  And heck let’s say I hypothetically made it through med school or something and had to do my first shift in the ER or…something like that.  Yeah, that’s not gonna bode well for anyone.

But with computer science or just technology in general, it’s just always been there via using the desktop, playing video games, seeing my brother use his Nokia, etc.  The curiosity has always been there as well, but there was nothing to “awaken” my curiosity during my elementary, jr high, or high school days.  Really my first dose of anything Computer Science related was my intro programming class.

Ok we got the how we got there, but the why still remains.  I choose this field…..for pretty much the same reasons for when I wanted to get into the medical field.  >_<.  I mean sure it would be cool to make the next best program, but I really want to get rich (or at least financially secure).

Still, I’ll remember where I came from.  If I reach those lofty heights, I’ll bring everyone that helped me get there.

(Side note:  totally writing this in the air now.  Woo technology.)

And here we go….

New Year.  New Adventures.  New Blog!  Shifting platforms from blogspot to wordpress.  It’s been about a year since I last did something bloggy-esque.  Okay on second thought it’s been 6 months.  In any case this is the perfect time to start this up again.  I most likely won’t be doing a “blog post a day” kind of deal like last time (although that was pretty fun).

For those who don’t know, I have accepted a job offer from a Virginia company.  Around a week from now, I’ll be moving to Fairfax, VA to start a 2 month training with the company.  After which, I’ll be offered different contract projects ranging from as short as 6 months to perhaps 2 years as a C# software developer.

It’s safe to say that I’m:

  1. Super excited to travel.
  2. Super nervous.

Living in the same state for all my life is great don’t get me wrong.  Honestly I would’ve been fine staying in state and working for one of the many tech giants in the area.  I could’ve gotten my travel fix via PTO.  But I just have to know what it’s like outside of this state.  Most likely I’ll come to a conclusion along the lines of “Yeah, Washington is a pretty damn good state to live in.”  I just have to experience it first hand.

Having lived here all my life, I’m having college freshman year jitters all over again in regard to the move.  Washington will (barring I don’t accept a contract back in the greater Seattle area) be in my rear view mirror.  Most likely I won’t return to this state for two or so years.  Yes, I’ll still visit for the occasional wedding, holidays, conventions, etc.  But for the most part I’ll be calling another state home for a while.  I guess this didn’t hit me till I booked a one way ticket for the first time.  *sigh*

So I guess this blog is a way for me to cope with my soon to come home-sickness.  At some point it’ll hit pretty hard.  Hopefully I won’t spill my guts in a post.  Okay, promise incoming:  I won’t post any super dramatic ish.  Wasn’t really a fan of doing sub-tweets (sorta), so I’ll attempt to keep this……..I don’t know….non dramatic blah?  Anywho, cheers to a new year!  I’ll end this post with a pic of my cat Katsu ^_^